Catalog Information Systems Vendors
We began this project in the summer of 1998. At that time the State of Texas passed a law that stated that all vendors who sell computer related products or services to State agencies had to have a web site and that web site had to look and function a certain way. Web Applications USA developed a solution which allowed any vendor to add, edit and delete their company and product information online without any technical knowledge. The solution then dynamically and instantly created a web site that met the new requirements. This project has been running flawlessly since that time and hosts over 50 vendor sites. For more information you can go to www.texascisv.com. (The project was originally named by the State as QISV for Qualified Information Systems Vendors and was recently changed to CISV for Computer Information Systems Vendors.)
Law Enforcement Online (LEO)
This site began as a simple solution for Justice of the Peace courts in Texas counties to be able to track traffic citations and manage court dockets. We quickly found that the entire process of either issuing a citation or making an arrest and incarcerating a person was being done in a very inefficient manner. LEO quickly grew to include all facets of the law enforcement community.
LEO, among other things, now allows users to issue citations right from the mobile data terminal (MDT) in their patrol car and the JP or Municipal court can immediately view that citation and process it. The courts can also set that case on their dockets, setup payment plans and produce State required monthly reports.
LEO also gives officers in the field the ability to add, edit arrest, offense and incident reports. Since the site is database driven from one central location - all of the information is shared among the different departments within a county.
There are modules in place that handle jail book-in, jail management, submissions and tracking through the District Attorney's office, submission and tracking through the County and District courts and even the Adult Probation department. Since all of the data is shared there is no longer any need for individual departments to reenter any data that has already been captured once.
Finally, LEO is even capable of producing Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and can be customized to fit a county or city's individual needs. Because the solution integrates all areas into one it much easier to upgrade or modify and drastically less expensive that other software on the market today. To use LEO requires no installation of special software on any or an agency's existing computers.
7-Eleven, Inc.

The purpose of this site was to handle the scheduling of all classes presented by 7-Eleven's Training Department. The site has a perpetual calendar that lists class and time. It also lists attendees and tracks the attendees progress through the training program. The site is currently used for the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and is soon to be expanded to cover Austin, Colorado and 7-Eleven's corporate offices.

To view a working demonstration of the site go to www.webappusa.com/7-elevenDemo and login with a username of jiml and a password of 123.

Insurance Receiver

Unfortunately in this day and age there are several companies that were created simply to swindle people out of as much money as they can. The Texas Attorney General's office has found that there are a large number of insurance companies who's purpose is just that. When one of these companies is found to either be defunct or actually not have the assets to pay on claims they are put into "receivership". The Attorney General then assigns a person (usually a law firm) to be the Special Deputy Receiver for that company. It is the job of the Special Deputy Receiver to close down the company and sell off its assets in an attempt to recover as much money for the insurance companies clients and others they are indebted to and to pay those persons with the proceeds.

One of the responsibilities of the Special Deputy Receiver is to make all court documents available to the affected persons of each case. The Insurance Receiver web site serves that purpose by giving the Special Deputy Receiver the ability to post notices and court documents, give affected persons a central place to review court documents and notices, ask questions and contact the Special Deputy Receiver if need be. Through this web site the Special Deputy Receiver has the ability to upload all of the documents related to his / her receivership, post questions and answers and edit information about their firm. This satisfies the Attorney General's rules that govern the Special Deputy Receiver and drastically reduces the amount of time and money that he / she would spend otherwise. It also makes it much easier for the affected persons to get important information related to the receivership.

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